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American visa application online

American visa application online

American visa application online

Whether it is for leisure or business purpose, it is mandatory to get a visa to visit America. The American visa application process can be quite tedious as there are many levels to it. It can take several weeks to months depending on how long it takes to get an appointment at the US embassy or consulate.
It is best to start the application at the earliest, so that there are higher chances of getting the visa on time.


ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization. It is a system used to assess a visa candidate’s eligibility to travel to USA using a Visa Waiver Program. If the candidate is suitable then they should be able to travel without restrictions or security risks.
The candidate will be allowed to board commercial flights headed to USA and private carriers will have to be visa waiver program carriers.
It is best to apply for this program in advance, so that you can fly out whenever you wish to. The system is quite fast and you will receive a response within seconds of submitting your application.
Keep in mind that ESTA is not a visa and cannot be used as one to enter USA. If you have a valid visa to travel to the US then you need not apply for an ESTA. Remember that an ESTA will not guarantee entry into United States.
Once your ESTA is approved, you can travel for a period of two years or until you possess a valid passport. You can enter and exit USA multiple times without renewing your ESTA. Keep in mind you are allowed to stay for 90 days each time you visit. There are no rules that state how long you have to wait between two travel periods.
In case your passport expires before two years then the ESTA will be issued until the time your passport is valid. Here are a few reasons why you might have to renew your ESTA.

  • If you have been issued a new passport
  • If you have changed you name
  • If you have changed your gender
  • Changes to citizenship

If your ESTA expires when you are in USA then it will not have a bearing on your departure date.
The charges for ESTA is $39.00. In case your waiver is accepted then you will be charged $10 for your application.
Make sure you take a print out of the document to maintain a personal record. It will not be asked on arrival in USA, but might be mandatory to
submit before boarding a flight.
You can apply for your ESTA application online by visiting the official website. It is a secure website operated by the US government and does not
allow unauthorized access.
If you do not have an internet connection and would like to apply for ESTA then a relative or travel agent can apply in lieu of you.


If you think you will be eligible to travel to the United States under a Visa Waiver Program then you can apply for one 72 hours before your departure.

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