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Tourist visa online application

Tourist visa online application

All About the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA)

What is ESTA?

This is actually an automated system that is being used by the US government to determine the eligibility of tourists stepping foot to the US under VWP (Visa Waiver Program). This is a prove whether such travel will pose any security risk or law enforcement. Learn more about tourist visa online application for USA,ESTA application.

On approval of ESTA, this acts an authorization document for a traveler to board a carrier to the U.S. under the Visa Waiver Program. As a traveler, you can make your application prior to boarding but then, CBP recommends that you do this at least 72 hours prior to the traveling day. Response to an application is in most cases received within seconds after your application has been received.

Most people aren’t able to differentiate between an ESTA and visa. ESTA is in fact not a visa. An ESTA doesn’t fulfill all required legal requirements to serve the purpose of a U.S. visa. People possessing valid U.S. visas can travel to this nation on that visa majorly for the purpose the visa was issued for. People with valid visas do not require applying for an ESTA. Similarly, both the valid visas and approved ESTAs don’t guarantee individuals’ admission to the U.S.

Application of ESTA

There are just four steps involved in the tourist visa online application for USA,ESTA application process. First and foremost, an individual should download an application form where you will fill in the required data and then you submit it electronically. You will follow by submitting the required fee. After you have done all this, you will receive a confirmation email stating their final decision. The responses you will expect after submitting your request is maybe your application is pending approval, you have been granted a chance or may be denied a chance.

All you need to remember is that an ESTA is only valid for a period of two years, but then travelers aren’t allowed to stay per visit beyond 90 days. The days are counted from the day you enter the country after you have been granted access.

What you need to know about ESTA

Travelers need to make their tourist visa online application for USA, ESTA application before they head to board a plane since the processing time for this goes up to 24 hours. As early stated, ESTA is quite different from a visa. These two documents can’t be simultaneously granted. So, the visa holders need not apply for ESTA for them to travel to the U.S. On arrival, travelers are required to fill a blue customs declaration they will be issued. There is also an arrival-departure form called the Green I-94 Card that visitors sign, but then, ESTA holders are not required to fill this.

For the period of two years that the ESTA USA is valid, successful travelers can make several travels to this land till that time elapses. Each short visit goes to a maximum of 90 days. Past this, your ESTA will be rendered ineligible at that time and for any application, you will make in the future.


Travelers are recommended to schedule their traveling plans at reasonable time intervals and also ensure the rights given to the ESTA holders are not abused. Get to learn all about tourist visa online application for USA,ESTA application.

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