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US visa application process

US visa application process

US Visa Application Process

The United States is one among the most popular travel destinations for the travelers around. Not just that, the country is the final destination for people who want to see growth in their career. From excellent infrastructure to great job opportunities – United States is what you can call the hub of everything.
However, before you decide to enter the US, you must know that there are certain procedures that you have to follow. Any foreign habitat, who wants to visit the United States, for any said reasons, must have a valid visa. Such Visas can be divided into two categories – a Non-immigrant visa for temporary stay or an immigrant visa for a more permeant residence facility.

Know how the US Visa works

The US visa application process is quite simple. The non-immigrant visa, or visitors’ visas are provided to travelers, who are visiting the country on a temporary basis for various purposes like a business which comes under the B-1 visa category, tourism, which comes under the B-2 category or for both together (B1/B-2).
Activities permitted with a visitor visa
When you opt for a travel visa application to enter the United States, you must know what are the activities you are allowed to perform with the visitor visa. Here are a few things you must know about –

1. Business or B-1 Category Visa

For the B-1 visa category, you are allowed to do the following activities –

  • You can negotiate a contract.
  • You can attend any sort of scientific, professional, educational, business events or conferences.
  • You can attend a meeting or consult with your business associates.
  • You can settle an estate.

2.Tourism or B-2 Category Visa

With a B-2 Visa, you can enjoy the following activities –

  • Visit the country.
  • Travel across the county.
  • Enjoy a vacation.
  • Go for medical treatment.
  • Participate in any kind of social or music events.
  • Enroll yourself in a short-term course to develop your skills.

Things you cannot enjoy with a travel visa
There are a few things that you are not allowed to do in the United States with a travel visa. You will require a different kind of visas to do these activities. These are –

  • Enroll yourself in a college to get a degree.
  • Employment
  • Work in any media houses
  • Do any kind of paid performances

How to apply for a US visa

There are plenty of different ways you can apply for a US visa and follow different steps. You can either apply for ESTA visa application or follow all the steps provided on the official website of the US Embassy and Consulate.
But first, you must complete the online visa application for a non-immigrant visa and print the application form to bring it to the interview. Once you are done with the application procedure, an interview will be conducted and for that, you must schedule an interview at your country’s US Embassy.

What is ESTA to the USA

ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization, which basically determines whether or not a person is eligible to travel to the United States. However, ESTA’s authorization is not the final verdict on whether or not the said person is admissible to the country. The ESTA comes under United States’ Visa Waiver Program and it collects all the biographic information about the applicant and provides answers to all the questions asked under the Visa Waiver Program.

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